Things To Do

You may be wondering what would be the things you can do when you are in the small city. The city has some parts that could be with many tourists but there are parts that are not much filled with them. That is why you can enjoy taking a walk. It is not just walking but you are rewarded with the beautiful sights. There is the garden that was scattered around the city you can admire. Or go more to the mountains with paths and trails already in place.

You can see the life of the farmers and the way they take care of their farm. There are more to see so come and discover yourself!

You can also go and take a look at the old catholic church. Bring your camera with you and snap photos. It is a great structure to photograph and capture its beauty. There is also the town house you can visit and admire the construction of it. It has its own design to be maintained for the future.

One of the places that is known in this city and what most people usually go to is the highest point in the country located in this city. There are not much to do when you are there but it is a good exploration and experience you can share. They are close together with the Three Land Points which is the place where you can croos borders. It is the place that Netherlnds have its boundary with Germany and Belgium.